I’m ready to take care of myself… If your eyes went bigger and were thinking or even saying out loud ‘’yes’’ after reading the previous sentence, you have just answered the biggest reason to enjoy a relaxing massage in Curacao. If you are looking for the best massage spa in Curacao, you must visit Natural Blends Esthetics Spa. Even though the answer to the need of taking care of yourself is ‘’yes’’, the self-care guilt shows up. You start feeling selfish, or apologetic for taking time for yourself or like many others push it off because you have “more productive things to do”. Self-care improves your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. And there is nothing selfish about that. So it’s time to say NO to your self-care guilt as proper self-care is what enables you to serve, do and give more professionally and in your personal life. Going to the spa in Curacao and restoring your mind, body, and soul with a massage is one of the best ways of self-care. Unlike the many chores, you daily have, self-care isn’t so much about just doing, but more a mindset and a way of living and being. The key to reaching this way of living is simply making self-care a habit by putting it in your routine. So, schedule yourself a spa day or start small with a relaxing 1-hour massage at Natural Blends Esthetics and make it a habit by regularly scheduling an appointment. One should visit Natural Blends Esthetics at least once. Depending on your individual needs and the quantity of restraints you put on your body you would want to schedule the frequency and duration. If you are a very active individual (for example an athlete) you would need to schedule a massage more often than an individual that is fairly inactive (if you have a desk job for example). An average time frame for a general tuneup would be every 4-6 weeks, sometimes more often when you are for example dealing with pain or high-intensity sports. And keep in mind that your input determines your output. What you put into your body, whether in the form of food, knowledge, entertainment or self-care will have an effect on what comes out.