From going barefoot on the beach to wearing your favorite pair of sandals or heels, your feet are almost always on display when you live or are visiting an island. BUT, from the different types of polish to choosing the right salon, there might be many questions about pedicure services in Curacao floating around in your head that deserve an answer.

We have gathered the most asked questions about pedicure Treatments and answered them for you.

Is a professional pedicure really necessary?

It has probably crossed your mind at least once. Why go to a salon if I can do it myself at home? Is it really worth it?

The answer is YES. Nail professionals are not only there to paint your toenails, but to look after the overall health of your skin and toenails. In addition to the relaxing foot massage and stress reduction, pedicures can help to control bacteria and infections and identify future health issues in time, help to exfoliate your skin and provide important nail care to eliminate ingrown toenails and other problems.

How do I choose the best nail salon?

There are numerous nail salons in Curaçao that provide pedicure treatments. Getting your nails done should be an enjoyable, clean and professional experience. A quality nail salon has experienced staff members, a welcoming environment, and a professional level of customer service.

When searching/looking for a quality nail salon, the cleanliness of the place is the most important thing to look for during your search. Ask yourself the following questions in regards to cleanliness:

  • What do the workstations look like? Are they being cleaned between clients?
  • Does the nail technician sanitize his or her hands when they’re done working on other clients?
  • Are the tools being properly disinfected?

Another consideration/thing to keep in mind is the products that are being used in the salon. A professional nail tech should be able to tell you which products they use and exactly why.

What is the difference between Gel and Shellac, and which one is better?

If you’re confused, you’re not the only one trying to untangle the difference. While both will leave you with a long-lasting outstanding pedicure, and last longer than traditional polish there are some small differences.

Shellac nail polish is a combination of gel and traditional nail polish and therefore thinner than gel. A gel manicure is a pure gel, which isn’t mixed with other solutions.

  • Timestamp: both pedicure variations have earned their reputation for long-lasting nail color. But as Shellac nails are partially made with standard polish, they are more vulnerable to chipping than gel nails.
  • Removal: Shellac is easier to remove and is less damaging to the surface of your nails. It can also be easily removed at home. Whereas Gel polish needs to be removed by a professional.

Choosing between Shellac and Gel basically comes down to precisely how often you’d like to switch up your nail design and the ease to remove the polish.

For more information about our pedicure services at our spa in Curacao, please feel free to contact us.